Saturday, December 24, 2005


It is quite understandable that the Chilango journalists (Mexico City) - fortunately not all of them -and fans of the Peje (aka López Obrador) get hold of any excuse to hit President Fox and to play fool themselves but what it is not right is that they try to make fool out of the citizens of this country.
Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration began aged ago even when many of our fellow citizens recur to it due to the lack of job in Mexico, but it is not always so, as a shown in recent study by the PEW Hispanic Center published in The Washington Post. The detonating factor was the publicity the same United States made of itself as the country of the opportunities, it was so good that thousands of Mexicans and citizens of other countries around the world with scarce information looked forward to and continue to look forward to obtaining the “Gringo Citizenship” only to end up starving in the desert, being killed by the Arizona Rangers or killed in the “conquest wars” of that country, but many others, could make it the same they could have made it in their country.
Immigration has to be illegal because the United States have set hard-to-fulfill requirements for the Hispanic Americans to travel into its territory.
The Wall
As told many times before, the wall has its origins not in because of a troubled personal relationship between Fox and Bush, nor a possible mishandling of the Foreign Relations of Mexico: This is a result of the now falling faster thatn ever pitiful morals of that society that cbegins with the early education of “Hate” and the “White Power”, that is plain Racism, directed in the first place toward the Black Race and next to Hispanic Americans above all, Catholics, resources to which a fearful and paranoiac society holds on and that is being fed now by another mentality alike or worst: the Zionist one, whose representatives have occupied the key positions of the US Government.
And it is no coincidence that in the 21st Century, the only two countries that are building walls along their borders (the US, until now, on the south side only) with the shameful complicity of the international community are no others but Israel and the United States.
The Wall has nothing to do with stopping illegals, it is an insult made by the paranoiac NeoConservatives.

So, fanatical journalists, you better go somewhere else and: Tell it to the Marines!



Es comprensible que los periodistas Chilangos y fanáticos del Peje (afortunadamente no son todos) agarren cualquier pretexto para darle al Presidente Fox, y que se hagan tontos ellos, pero lo que no está bien es que quieran hacer tontos a los demás ciudadanos de ese país.

El Muro y la Inmigración Ilegal:

Desde hace años, se da la inmigración ilegal y aun cuando muchos compatriotas lo hagan por no “conseguir trabajo” en México, no siempre es asi, como ya quedó demostrado en estudio reciente del PEW Hispanic Center y publicado en The Washington Post. – Esto es debido a la misma publicidad que hicieron de sí mismos los Estados Unidos como el país de las oportunidades, tanto asi que muchos Mexicanos y ciudadanos de muchos otros países con escasa información buscaron y continúan buscando la “Nacionalidad Gringa” para terminar muriendo de hambre y sed en el desierto, asesinado por los rancheros de Arizona o hecho pedazos en las guerras de conquista de ese país, aunque muchos si pudieron “hacerla” igual que la hubieran podido hacer en sus países.
La inmigración también es ilegal porque los Estados Unidos ponen enorme dificultades los viajes de los Hispano Americanos a su territorio.

Como ya se los comenté un titipuchal de veces, tiene su origen, no en la relación Fox-Bush personal, ni en un posible mal manejo de las Relaciones Exteriores de México: Esto es un resultado de la lastimosa moral de esa sociedad que tiene su origen en la educación de “Odio (Hate)” y del “White Power”, dirigidos en primer lugar a la Raza Negra y después a los Hispano Americanos y sobre todo Católicos, recursos a los que se aferra una sociedad temerosa, racista y paranoica y que ahora es alimentada por otra mentalidad igual o peor: la Sionista, cuyos representantes tienen secuestrado a todo el gobierno Estadounidense.
Y no es ninguna casualidad que en pleno Siglo XXI, los únicos dos países que están construyendo muros en sus fronteras, con toda la vergonzosa complicidad de la comunidad internacional sean nada mas ni nada menos que Israel y los Estados Unidos!
El Muro no tiene como objeto, porque no podrá, detener el flujo de inmigrantes, es un insulto de los paranoicos NeoConservadores.

¡¡ Así que, a otro perro con ese hueso !!



On November 30/05 the Mexican journalist Joaquín López Dóriga, presented in his TV news show, the poll carried out by Mitofsky, (Roy Campos) that since the beginning of the up-to-date only democratically elected government in Mexico that is, President Vicente Fox’s, presents quarterly.
Said poll pursues the goal to measure the level of approval, that is, the rating granted to him by his achievements, mistakes, behavior and image, by the Mexican nation.
At closing his fifth year on November 30, 2005, he gets an approval of 6.8 which is excellent!
This rating was reached in spite of the fanatical hard-headedness of the members and supporters of the PRI and the PRD, and even so, their points were high, while the citizens gave President Fox their huge support, the citizen that has no commitment with any ideology nor party interest.
This is what all the foreign correspondents should publish in their media, and all those “political analysts” that have devoted themselves to attack President Vicente Fox and his administration, making immoral use of slander, lie and deceit.
Now, they will understand that the Mexican people did not fell in the noisy trap of AMLO impeachment.
And the conflict caused by the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (and let us hope that the Argentinean President Kirchner is not inside this tangle) only enticed the care and support of the Mexicans for their President: Vicente Fox.-
It is very possible that López Obrador and his supporters downplay the poll because the results do no go with their points of view.
Let us see if those fanatical self-called leftists partners (because they are no real leftist) like some of them who I mention in former pieces, before these facts, should they know what integrity is, take a more mature and responsible attitude.
This shows the world that President Fox has convinced the Mexican citizens; they trust and respect him, because that 6.8 means that 7 out of 10 persons are with him.